What Our Customers Say

Mike McCleary -  July 2018 (4 Stars) 

  • Good selection, helpful help. Seem to know what they are doing. 

Zak Stone  - June 2018 (4 Stars)

Terry Laughman – June 2018    (5 Stars)

Michael Boerger  - June 2018

  • Love this place!! Good selection, pleasant service, good people!!

Frank Baier - May 2018

  • Great place to shop for riding accessories! Attentive staff!

Jess Burtop  – May 2018    (5 Stars)


Christopher Nunyabidness – May 2018

  • It smells good here 

Cee Baby – April 2018

  • Great guy who works here! Small but nice place.

Mary Smith - April 2018

  • Excellent value, quality products

Daniel Krocker – April 2018

  • Lot's of choices in leathers, patches helmets, and gloves

Donna Bergum – April 2018    (5 Stars)

Aaron Weissner   - April 2018

  • I willingly bought 2 motorcycle helmets from this place and I was forced to buy a 3rd when my butterfinger wife dropped one from about 24 inches off the floor. They have a good selection of stuff just be careful if you touch anything.

Herbert Moyer  – April 2018    (5 Stars)

Bova Antoeknee – March 2018

  • Mike and John are the best. If they don't already have it, they'll get it for u.

John Dorrett – March 2018

  • Had what I needed

Jeff Leach  - March 2018

  • Nice place to gear up.

Chad Pillsbury – March 2018

  • Great service, Luau Jim is always pleasant

Joey Gargon – January 2018

  • ~ A bikers goody place 

Kevin Scritchfield – January 2018    (5 Stars)

Bridger Kluczyk – December 2017

  • Great solid group of guys very knowledgeable on the products and how they are made have the upmost respect for these guys and the time they take to help you as a customer couldnt ask for better customer service

John Lenz – December 2017    (5 Stars)

Maddog – December 2017

  • love this store! always buying there.

Vanessa Klaus – November 2017    (5 Stars)

Tiffany Grove – November 2017

  • staff is very helpful

Kat Warren – October 2017

  • Employees were extremely friendly and helpful! Being completely new to motorcycling, the employees explained what I needed to look for in specific products. The also wished me good luck with my riding experience! Lots of variety in store. I would definitely recommend visiting this store!!

Tom Wagaman – October 2017    (5 Stars)

Eric Schechter – October 2017

  • Great place to find accessories for any bike.

Allison Kinsey - October 2017    (3 Stars)


Eileen Modzel – September 2017

  • Whatever you would need for motorcycles they have from helmets to Patches two panties they've got awesome leathers

Donna M – September 12, 2017 Suffolk, VA

  • Nice shop lots to think about.  Needed gloves this visit and found great pair with help 
  • Will drop in again

Greg Stough – September 2017

  • Always great service.

Andrew Daugherty – August 2017

  • What a great selection of gear!! 

Rick Svoboda – August 2017

  • Excellent service good help with purchasing my helmet

Luigi Fermin – August 2017    (5 Stars)

Donald Kellander – July 2017    (5 Stars)

Noel Wenrich – July 2017

  • You want it they got it and if they Ain't got it they can get it. The staff is friendly. This is a Biker's bike shop not a shop that has some stuff for bikers. They carry quality items at reasonable prices. If you do not own any Gator Skin cold weather gear you need some. If you do not know about Gator Skin cold weather gear it is time you learn about it. I am telling you this stuff is worth it's weight in anything you value!

June Ace – July 2017    (3 Stars)

Stephen Coblentz – July 2017

  • Gator skins the best ever. They have helmets too

Kevin Almoney – July 2017

  • Best deals on clothing helmets and all kinds of stuff

Charlene Lamartina – July 2017

  • Nice bike items and good prices

Brian Orwig – July 2017    (5 Stars)

Jeff Kossiakoff – July 2017

  • Older gentleman who may be the owner assisted me and my son.explain to him that I was a 1st time rider.told him that I was looking for a helmet and motorcycle boots.he was very helpful and friendly.he fitted me with the correct helmet and also boots.I would strongly recommend these folks to any one that is looking for motorcycle gear.there prices are reasonable.I will recommend my friends to you folks.thanks for your help.Jeff

John Greenfield – July 2017    (5 Stars)

Steven Love – July 2017

  • Awesome customer service. Great selection of leather. Good prices. 

A Rivera – July 2017    (4 Stars)

Mystery Shopper 1   – July 2017

  • Great service and information every time I come here. Will not hesitate up recommend to anyone.

Jeremy – July 2017

  • Nice selection of biker apparel and accessories at a fair price.

Todd Ritzman – July 2017

  • Great selection and super helpful staff helped my wife and i with some new helmets and leathers we will be return customers for sure! Quality merchandise at great prices!

Ron McCoury – July 2017

  • Had a lot of choices good stuff reasonably priced 

Carl Pysher – July 2017

  • Looking for a new helmet, I was able to try a variety of styles, and with the personalized assistance of the staff, I was able to find the style I wanted with the proper fit. 

Fish 2003 – July 2017

  • Great place every time i go in they are always very helpful. Thanks

Joanne McCreary – July 2016

  • Excellent selection of Helmets. The staff was very friendly and helpful. He did a great job helping my wife pick a helmet. We will come back again!

Adam Jacobs – July 2016

  • Still buying more things here but as of now experience is outstanding

 Dave Shoemaker – July 2016

  • Walked in to the store at the end of the day just looking at jackets for my wife. We didn't know exactly what she wanted; we were just starting to look. The salesman took cues from what we thought we were looking for, made recommendations for both function and price. He said he would end our looking tonight, and he did. My wife is very happy with her selection both price and quality. Great service, highly recommend

Melissa M. – January 20, 2016 - Lancaster, PA

  • I stopped in looking for a new jacket and they really took their time and helped to pick the best one out for me. It took a while to find the perfect size and cut since I'm on the small side but they were patient with me the whole time. I ended up with a great jacket, honestly the best fitting leather I've ever had on.

 Kurt I – January 10, 2016 - Mount Joy, PA

  • Good selection, great prices, this is the place for new and seasoned riders. Ask any questions and Mike is eager to help you out. He won't try to upsell you and he will tell you what he thinks about any product that you inquire about. 
  • I came in looking for a new helmet and gloves, he pointed me right to the sale items to make it a little easier on my wallet. I left with exactly what I was looking for, a new helmet and warm gloves. 
  • At the close of the sale, Mike shook my hand and asked my name. That is the kind of professional touch and I like item a specialized shop. 
  • If you need motorcycle gear, come here first.

Kevin Carroll – July 2015

  • Excellent service, sales guy spent a lot of time to make sure stuff fit properly, a nice shop . 

Marcus Aurelius – July 2015

  • I have been in this store a few times but always had a good experience. I purchased a helmet the first time, simply browsed a few times, and bought a wallet last time. Always treated well. I'd shop here again.

 Bruce Ulanet – July 2012

  • I've always had great service there. I haven't bought much either, but they've always answered every question I had in a friendly way. The prices are pretty good too. I'll definitely be going back.